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Important goals of Pre-School programs are to help children acquire social skills and give them the tools they need before school entry.


the Pre-school at Ladybird Lane

Welcome to Ladybird Lane Pre-School. We have a wonderful Pre-School room for children aged 3-4 years old.

Pre-School Program

Welcome to Ladybird Lane Pre-School. We have a wonderful Pre-School room for children aged 3-4 years old. Within the room we have free flow play space that follows the 6 areas of learning within the Northern Ireland Curriculum. Within our Pre-School room, we have a play-based routine tailored around each child’s individual age, stage, and developmental need. We give your child the helping hand they need for starting P1, by promoting emotional, social, physical, creative, and intellectual development

We also strive towards developing self-esteem, self-control, and a positive attitude towards others, along with language and communication skills to encourage sharing of emotions and thoughts. We hope this creates confident, enthusiastic independent and curious learners with a positive and problem-solving attitude to learning



Within the Pre-School room, we follow the Northern Ireland Pre-School curriculum. We are inspected by Education Board, ETI, and social services on a regular basis.

We follow a routine and daily plan that focuses on language and a monthly theme that focuses upon a colour, letter, shape, and number. These topics change monthly, so children learn and develop as we move throughout the year. We are a child lead, Montessori inspired learning environment. We allow the children to express themselves, make choices and provide extended learning through their interests.

Our moto is to develop children’s intertest through real-life, hands-on experiences. 

Our learning is devised around the 6 areas within the Northern Ireland Curriculum:

Nursey Uniform

Within the Pre-School room, we have a uniform which helps identify the children when on outings and prepare them for school.

Our uniform consists of a red round neck jumper and a white polo shirt.

These can be purchased from Robin fields in Banbridge town centre.

Our Nursery uniform is also worn with black jogging bottoms and Velcro trainers.

What to bring to Nursery?

Drawstring Bags & Contents

We ask that all parents bring a draw string bag with their child to Pre-School. We ask that the bag consists of:

art 3

Pre-School program

Our Private Pre-School offers parents a unique package, where we provide wrap around care and learning throughout the day with qualified staff, who host a range of qualifications. Ranging from Early years degree, Level 7 in Childcare, Development and Leadership, Level 5, Level 3, Special Educational Needs, Makaton, and High Scope Pre School Curriculum.

Pre-School program

As our government-funded Pre-School only operates 9-12 term time. At Ladybird Lane, we provide morning care, dinner, and afternoon care available until 6 pm. As a daycare we provide care all year round, only closing for bank holidays. Yearly holiday closures are provided on the app.   

While you work, your child is in the same safe environment all day, no need for extra charges for drop off and collections from other schools and all meals are including in our highly competitive pricing. Due to our small staff to child ratios of 1-8 we are able to provide personal care and education specific to your child’s developmental needs.  

Easter/ Halloween club and summer schemes are run during non-term times. Information about these will be uploaded on the app.

Progress Meetings

Within our day in Pre-School, each child has their own learning journal. Our learning journals are based around activities to develop pencil control, hand eye co-ordination and concentration, all helping prepare your child for Primary One.

We will discuss these learning journals with you at the parent progress meetings and create an end of year report for you and your child’s Primary One teacher. This one-to-one meeting will help ensure a smooth transition from Pre-School to Primary School for your child.