Forest School

Step into the forest with Ladybird Lane outdoor area for all ages.


the Forest School at Ladybird Lane

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forest school

Forest School

We strive to give children opportunities to learn and grow with a sense of freedom and exploration by connecting with nature, allowing them to build resilience, confidence, independence, and self-motivation. Statistics show that now more than ever, children know less and less about the natural world.

As educators, we have a responsibility to make a positive change, and what better way than to take our learning outdoors into our registered Forest School space.

We carry out our daily activities outdoors through art, songs, stories, and games. We ask that all parents please bring in puddle suits and welly boots



Forest School

Outdoor play is beneficial for children beyond physical activity, it helps them socialize, understand their bodies better, engage in imaginative play, and enjoy the outdoors. Ladybird Lane is registered with Northern Ireland Forest School Area.

Our Ladybirds love being busy in our registered on-site Forest school area and learning about our beautiful planet!!! We regularly plant and water flowers and explore learning about bees and insects, whilst creating our own self-sufficient environment!!!

Being outdoors engages all sorts of senses, and it helps children to develop and recognize them without even realizing…. we do this through exploration of our herb garden, trees, vegetable patch and flower beds!!!

Benefits all children by:

🐞Encouraging Healthy Eating. …                           

🐞Teaches Responsibility & Patience. …

🐞Helps with Understanding the world around us         

🐞Creates colour recognition

🐞Develops Social Skills.  

There are so many benefits of playing and learning in a natural environment, in our very own outdoor space! Finding bugs and insects, learning about trees, the weather, flowers, grass, birds, and other wildlife that visit our garden.

This helps to develop self-help skills, language skills, team building, as well as confidence and knowledge about our world. 

Providing children with lifelong knowledge.

Our passion is their future!