Eco School


Eco School

In June 2023 we were awarded a Green Eco Schools flag at a ceremony held in the Civic Buildings in Craigavon. The Pre-School boys and girls have been on our Eco committee and have worked hard this year taking part in meetings and group sessions where we have made action plans and planted trees, herbs, plants, and vegetables. The other rooms within the nursery have been helpful in the maintenance of the plants and produce.

In our nursery we have fully adapted our setting to be eco-friendly, we are mindful of electricity use, turning off our lights when they aren’t needed and making sure plugs are off when they aren’t being used. We also make sure we are careful with the amount of water we use when watering plants and running taps in nursery. We have daily checks to make sure all taps are off and only on when we really need them to be.

In our garden we have planted shrubs and flowers that attract butterflies, bees and other minibeasts and we regularly survey these to keep a track of the species we have and find. We have developed a hedgehog village with houses and food, along with bird feeders and tables which we regularly maintain and fill.

We have been using a compost bin to create our own compost for our planting. We have put worms in with the leaves and encouraged the natural process.

We have planted vegetables such as peas, cabbages, broccoli, lettuce, carrots, and kale and when these are ready for harvest, we use them within our mealtimes. This is great for encouraging discussions around fresh produce and having a farmed to table system as well as the children playing a key role in growing and looking after them.


We plan to further extend our eco garden with more seasonal vegetables and fruits and continue to encourage wildlife to visit for our surveys.